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What we do
Forced to live in some of the most difficult and dangerous circumstances imaginable, millions of children around the world face a life on the streets or in slums, are subjected to abuse, engaged in the worst forms of child labour or exploitation or are put in prison. Many are orphaned or alone, at risk of HIV or denied treatment for AIDS.

We prevent child abuse and child exploitation

ChildHope  believes all children deserve a life free from injustice and abuse. We work in countries throughout African, Asia and South America to transform the lives of extremely vulnerable children by reducing child abuse and exploitation, assisting children affected by HIV and AIDS, improving child justice systems and ensuring that children are involved in decisions and matters that affect their lives.

We help children affected by poverty, HIV and AIDS and social injustice

The projects we support give priority to prevention, finding long lasting solutions and tackling the underlying causes of poverty and violence.

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