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St Mungo's began helping people sleeping rough off the streets in 1969.

We soon realised hostels weren't enough. So we began creating specialist services to tackle specific issues like a need for supportive housing, poor health, dependency and unemployment. While, of course, never forgetting that we're an emergency service, too - ready to rescue people on the streets from desperate situations.

Today, we're one of Britain's largest charities supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We provide a bed, warm room and so much more to thousands of people in London and across the South - from hostels to semi-independent flats, from psychotherapy services to peer support, from life-skills to job opportunities.

Each night we provide supportive housing for around 1,900 people and manage more than 200 housing, health and work projects across London and the South.

Our approach is based on each individual's needs, abilities and aspirations, and focused on real outcomes. Why? Because we believe people can - and do - recover from the issues that create homelessness.

Thank you for choosing to support St Mungo’s. Your donation will help improve the lives of homeless people.



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